Pre Delivery Instructions

Infinity Hot Tubs team are here to ensure that all deliveries are made with the minimum disruption to our clients and with maximum professionalism.

A Major part of our service is to provide our customers with a first class experience when receiving delivery of your new Infinity Hot Tub.

We Ensure all staff are fully trained and vetted to provide you with the best delivery experience possible.

In order to provide a seamless delivery with minimum disruption to you, we have listed a number of requirements needed in order that we can deliver your tub to you with a seamless service from delivery to positioning. Our delivery team will consist of two delivery operatives for unloading and positioning services.

Before signing for any delivered items, please inspect your new product for any damage and if any found please bring it to the attention of the delivery staff who will be able to assist you.

Please discuss with us at the time of your order any concerns you may have in relation to your delivery this may include;
Date/ Time of your delivery, Location of your delivery and any problems you feel may be an issue and we will be happy to help resolve them.

Problems could include things such as;

  • Parking
  • Width of Gates, Pathways (a minimum of 1m would be required)
  • Types of surfaces we would need to negotiate
  • All Overhead obstructions such as – Brick Arches, wires etc. should all be a minimum of 2.4m above the ground
  • Protrusions from the walls which may reduce access such as – Gas/Electric meters, Vents or Flu’s and rain water gutters
  • Other than the fitted connection cable , no other cables, extensions or switches are provided by us
  • All electric cables, isolators (if required) ,switches (outdoor compliant
  • recommended) are the clients responsibility and should be in-situ and tested prior to the day of delivery
  • It is the clients responsibility to ensure that any electrical supply outside of the hot tub should be installed by a competent certified electrician
  • Please ensure that all exposed wires have mechanical protection either steel
  • armoured cable or suitable conduit
  • A full users guide will be provided to the client

Deliveries requiring high reach/ extended reach lifting equipment

This should be discussed at the time of your order; Infinity Hot tubs can organize
suitable lifting equipment to be used for the delivery of your product and this would incur additional cost’s or the client can arrange this. Please discuss this with us and we would be happy to help.

The location of your tub

Wherever you have decided to position your tub please ensure that is is to be places on a structurally sound and level surface. Whether the surface is wooden, concrete, composite decking, gravel or any other surface please remember a hot tub filled with water can weigh a great deal, as in addition to the tub water weighs 1kg per 1 litre. So always ensure that the location you choose can support the weight of your hot tub or swim spa its water and all occupants. If this ignored serious damage could be caused.

If you cannot decide whether your choice of location is strong enough to mount the tub you may need to consult with a structural engineer or builder who would be able to advise you on this.

Grass is not a good surface to position your Hot tub. This is also an issue for
contamination from the grass and soils from the user’s feet. It will take me no time to cause contaminated water damage to the components itself. (please note the warranty of the tub would not cover the inadequate positioning)

Always endeavor to position your hot tub or swim spa so the panels can be removed if required this ensures ease carrying out periodic care and maintenance

Also infinity hot tubs reserves the right, that if described access has changed from the time of order or details provided to us were incorrect in relation to ability to access. Then our only option would be to offer kerb side delivery or return on a suitable date when access has been rectified, This would be charged to the client at £1 per mile travel to and return from the delivery address