When it comes to hot tub maintenance, there are two options available to guarantee that your spa is working correctly, the pipes are clean, the chemicals are at the right levels and enhance the life of your hot tub.

It is important to stick to an organised cleaning schedule so you can maintain a good water circulation and balance your water chemistry. Knowing how to adhere to the strict spa maintenance rules is crucial for the health of bathers in your hot tub.

You can choose between monthly maintenance or filter maintenance and servicing depending on what suits your needs best. Another good way to maintain your hot tub is by asking your guests or whoever is using the hot tub to prepare themselves prior to getting in.

Monthly Maintenance Includes

  1. Test your water using a test strip – follow instructions on the container.
    You will then need to compare your wet test strip to the test strip container.
    The chemicals for your spa can be solid tablets or fluids. Regardless of how you do it (Bromine or Chlorine) they are both effective. The keypoint is the pH balance of your spa water which should be between 7.2 and 7.6. This is to guarantee the protection of spa equipment and ensure bather comfort.
    If you have UV sanitiser installed, you could reduce the dosage of spa chemicals.
  2. Adjusting pH level to keep water fresh and clean.

Filter Maintenance Includes

  1. Your spa filter can be cleaned with water. This can be done by washing it with a garden hose or a specialised tool.
  2. A dirty filter can lead to bad health conditions so it is important to change your filter when it has been used regularly for a while. Although a weekly clean is essential, we recommend a thorough drain of your spa, depending on how much you use it, where you change your filters every 3-4 months.

Please note, if your filters get to the point where a chemical soak doesn’t completely clean them, it’s time to replace them with new ones.