How to Clean and Maintain Your Hot Tub

Have you ever wondered about how to clean and maintain your hot tub? Cleaning and maintaining a hot tub might not be the most glamorous job, and it’s certainly not as fun as actually using the hot tub itself. However, cleaning and maintaining your hot tub are both essential goals to keep it running at its best – and with this in mind, today, we’re on hand to give you a little more insight into the best methods to apply to keep your tub shiny and clean at all times.

Why Cleaning Your Hot Tub Regularly is Important

Cleaning your hot tub is massively important for numerous different reasons. However, after those first few weeks of novelty wear off, it’s very easy to push aside the thought of cleaning your hot tub; after all, it’s a massive commitment that many of us feel we don’t have time for! Still, it shouldn’t have to be so difficult, and fortunately, our experts are on hand to help you find out more about why cleaning your hot tub often is important.


Makes The Job Less Difficult

One of the most apparent reasons why cleaning and maintaining your hot tub is crucial is because it helps prevent the job from becoming too big over time. If you leave your hot tub for months without cleaning it – for example, from the very start of winter until those first warm, sunny days of spring – then the level of grime and dirt on the hot tub can rapidly increase, which could leave the job of cleaning your hot tub so much trickier.

A thick layer of grime on the inside of your hot tub will take a lot of elbow grease and scrubbing to clear, and it’s never a pleasant job – so, to keep things easier and less painful, staying on top of the cleaning is a far safer bet in most cases.

Prevents Damage to Your Hot Tub

Did you know that if your hot tub is left uncleaned for long periods of time, this could result in damage to the tub’s surface? While this usually won’t be severe, over time, grime can stain or otherwise slowly eat away at the surface of your hot tub, depending on the material your tub is made from and the severity of the grime. As a result, keeping on top of the cleaning is often a much safer bet for preventing long-term damage and keeping things running safely and at their best.

Keeps Your Hot Tub Ready to Use 

Sometimes, you can’t plan when you’ll want to take a dip in the hot tub. But, for those sudden, surprisingly hot days or surprise visits from friends, ensuring your hot tub is ready to go can make a big difference! Instead of having to miss the opportunity to make the most of the tub because it’s grubby, keeping your hot tub clean can help ensure you’re always able to make the most of it – an excellent option, in many cases.

How to Clean and Maintain Your Hot Tub

At this point, we’ve clarified the importance of keeping your hot tub in good condition – but how can you clean your hot tub? Cleaning your hot tub doesn’t need to be that difficult, luckily, and so long as you clean it regularly, it shouldn’t take too long to complete.

The Cleaning Process 

Cleaning your hot tub is a relatively simple procedure, and we recommend starting with the following steps to begin restoring your tub to its usual glory! 

First, ensure you’ve drained the entire hot tub and leave it until all of the water has fully emptied. Then, with a scratch-free nylon scrubber or cloth, gently ease any residue from the sides of the hot tub, using cool water ideally to rinse the sides of the tub after cleaning.

Once you have removed any residue from the sides of your hot tub, you can then begin to clean the full shell of the tub. The exact cleaning chemicals or products you should use will depend on the type of hot tub you own, so always ensure that you follow any specific instructions relating to your hot tub’s care and ongoing maintenance for the best results. 

Generally speaking, common cleaning products that you could use to gently clean and disinfect your hot tub’s sides could include:

  • Diluted white wine vinegar
  • Diluted bleach 
  • Chlorine (available as granules or tablets to dissolve in the water, usually)
  • Salt (which alters the pH of the water and so kills any pathogens that may be lurking)
  • Baking soda – as a gentle abrasive product, it’s often effective for removing grime and stains without damaging the shell of your hot tub itself

In addition to this, it’s also worth considering that if you have been struggling to shift “gunk” or residue from the sides of your hot tub, you could also try using a little olive oil to dislodge the grease. Olive oil is gentle on the surface of your hot tub, thereby preventing damage from being done to the tub’s shell. However, you’ll want to ensure to remove any oil and residue manually with a cloth, as this could block up your hot tub’s filter if not properly cleaned off.


Always Run the Hot Tub After Cleaning Before Using

One common mistake that many people make after cleaning their hot tub is to get right in immediately – however, if you’ve just cleaned off your hot tub, the cleaning chemicals you’ve used could still be in the water (no matter how well you’ve attempted to clean them off). As such, after cleaning the sides of your hot tub with any of the above cleaning products, we highly recommend running the hot tub before climbing in, just to be sure that it’s all clean and working as normal.


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If you’ve been looking to keep your hot tub in top working condition, cleaning it regularly is essential. Luckily, we hope today’s guide will have helped give you a little more inspiration on how to keep your hot tub clean – and remember! While cleaning your hot tub can seem like something of a chore, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that hard work – and keeping on top of the cleaning can help prevent it from becoming backbreaking in the first place.

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