Whether you’re preparing to look after your new hot tub or restocking your chemicals to keep your hot tub clean, Infinity hot tubs can help ensure you are fully equipped.

All of the chemicals we supply are from the well known high quality brand Aqua Sparkle and all products have been specifically designed with hot tub use in mind. These chemicals make maintaining your hot tub water quick and easy to do.

Hot tub chemicals are here to clean your water and keep it healthy so you have an enhanced hot tub experience. You can enjoy your tub without hazy water and improve your water clarity with support from us at Infinity Hot Tubs.

The Aqua Sparkle 4 way test strips offer tests for free chlorine, bromine pH and total alkalinity. These help you determine what chemicals you need to use to leave your tub sparkling.

Our Aqua Sparkle immerse Aqua sachets clean the grease and debris out of our hot tub filters for an all round highly effective cleaning solution.

We offer a range of tablets for your hot tub depending on your needs. The Aqua Sparkle bromine tablets are a popular alternative to the chlorine sanitisers. They ensure your water is safe for use and bacteria free.

For an instant clean, we recommend the Aqua Sparkle Spa Sparkle. The spa sparkle is compatible with all types of filtration systems and is designed to be added directly into your spa water with the pumps running in order to make your water crystal clear.

An ideal spa pH level is between 7.2 and 7.6 and needs to be kept up. Our Aqua Sparkle pH plus is a great solution for guaranteeing comfort, chemical efficiency and protection of spa equipment.

It is important to have a regular cleaning routine. If not your hot tub may suffer from deposits and build of soap in the pipework. This could then lead to harmful bacteria and reduce the efficiency of disinfectants.

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  • Aqua Sparkle 20g Multifunctional Chlorine Tablets 1kg

    £21.50 Inc VAT.
  • Aqua Sparkle 4 Way Test Strips

    £9.40 Inc VAT.
  • Aqua Sparkle Bromine Granules 1kg

    £21.50 Inc VAT.
  • Aqua Sparkle Bromine Tablets 1kg

    £23.50 Inc VAT.
  • Aqua Sparkle Chlorine 20G Tablets 1KG

    £11.99 Inc VAT.
  • Aqua Sparkle Chlorine Granules 1kg

    £18.00 Inc VAT.
  • Aqua Sparkle Hot Tub Flush 500ml

    £12.99 Inc VAT.
  • Aqua Sparkle Immerse Aqua Sachet 2 x 50g

    £6.99 Inc VAT.
  • Aqua Sparkle Instant Filter Cleaner

    £14.50 Inc VAT.
  • Aqua Sparkle pH Minus 1.5kg

    £12.99 Inc VAT.
  • Aqua Sparkle pH Plus 1kg

    £12.99 Inc VAT.
  • Aqua Sparkle Scale Away 1ltr

    £13.10 Inc VAT.