Hot Tubs

Our range of luxury hot tubs have been developed from two years of market research. We have developed a range of products to cater for every one of our valued customers. The hot tubs we provide will provide you with maximum relaxation all year round but with minimum operating costs.

All of our hot tubs use industry leading electrical controls and filtration equipment. Available in  different styles, features and price we are confident that we can help you find a luxury hot tub that suits you.

The Aqua Breeze is suitable for up to 3 people and has 28 therapeutic jets for you to chill out with.

Fitting up to 7 people, The Hydro Breeze comes with 77 jets built in including Impulse spinning jets and directional jets.

With seating for up to 5 people, The Ocean Breeze hot tub includes 27 jets and is built to the highest specifications.

The Summer Breeze seats up to 5 people and includes 87 jets built into the robust steel frame.

All of the luxury hot tubs include Bluetooth Connectivity to a waterproof audio system, enable full body insulation and have a built in three stage water purification system. The Infinity hot tub spa water filtration system is unique as it connects to multiple cleaning devices with all round piping.

They also arrive with ControlMySpa™. This is a fully integrated service that connects you to your hot tub from any smart phone or tablet. With this you can control light and temperature settings and  receive instant push notification alerts for if a potential problem occurs.

All of our luxury hot tubs will be delivered and installed at a time convenient to you by our friendly, fully qualified team. We ensure that all deliveries are made with little disruption to your household and guarantee to provide the highest level of customer service.

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  • The Aqua Breeze Hot Tub

    The Aqua Breeze

    From: £3,995.00
  • The Hydro Breeze Hot Tub

    The Hydro Breeze

    From: £5,495.00
  • The Ocean Breeze

    The Ocean Breeze

    From: £4,495.00
  • The Summer Breeze

    The Summer Breeze

    From: £5,495.00