Swim Spas

At Infinity hot tubs, we pride ourselves on offering our state of the art swim spas. Our swim spas offer the best in home fitness and relaxation products so you can both swim, exercise and relax all from one of our ultimate hydrotherapy products.

Our luxury swim spas require less space in your garden than your usual swimming pools, as well as being lower in price and easier to install, but still provide an outstanding swimming experience.

You can enjoy your swim spa all year round due to the built-in heating which can adjust the water temperature so it is always ready for use.

Swim spas are the perfect solution for those who are wanting to stay in shape or wanting to add water based strengthening or aerobic exercises to their training programme. These spas provide a range of health benefits as they can work your entire body to build your endurance and strength whilst toning your muscles.

All of our spas are built to the highest specifications to bring you a relaxing swimming experience and both styles are available with Wi-Fi so you have the option to control jets and schedule heating before you jump in.

The 3 person breeze fitness swim spa is the ultimate combination for health and fitness. With 33 jets and 4 turbo jets, it is a great way to exercise in the comfort of your own home.

The breeze swim spa features 67 jets and has the best in the market, Balboa USA equipment with it. Slightly bigger than the fitness swim spa, the breeze swim spa fits 6 people.

Both spas come with a built in 3 stage Filtration and water cleaning system and a Bluetooth audio system for when you’re relaxing.

Available in black or white to suit your preference, the jets in each swim spa creates a current that allows you to swim in a fixed position.

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  • The Breeze Fitness Swim Spa

    The Breeze Fitness Swim Spa

    From: £16,495.00
  • The Breeze Swim Spa

    The Breeze Swim Spa

    From: £18,995.00