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Our luxury The Ocean Breeze hot tub is a 13 amp plug and play that can fit up to 5 people. You can unwind in this spa with full body insulation and the motion of 27 powerful jets.

You can enjoy your ocean breeze hot tub well into the night with a mini 8 piece LED illumination system, corner lights and a spa light to create the perfect evening atmosphere.

Made from premium acrylic, you can choose between numerous colours for your hot tub shell, cabinet and cover to your preference.

As well as being provided with a full chemical maintenance kit upon purchase, we also have an exceptional water purification system built in all of our hot tubs. Our system enables every part of your spa to be sanitised when the water is circulating so contaminants and water debris are removed from your spa water.

Making sure you’re prepared for your hot tub is something we don’t want you to worry about. So you will also receive a free insulated thermal cover to keep your water warm whilst not in use and three tier steps too to help you easily get in and out of your spa.

The built in Balboa water heating system can be controlled with our fully integrated ControlMySpa™. The linked service can connect with your tablet or smartphone to control the spa water temperature and lights, set schedules for your spa or receive push notifications for if any problems arise with your ocean breeze hot tub if you’re away.

Other spa features of your ocean breeze hot tub that can be included are, the Status Pro™ so you can check on your hot tub from a distance and the Chromazon3™ which enables you to choose between three unique light zones.

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5 Persons





Weight (Full)



Up to 27

Spa Layout

Real Time Control & Efficiency

ControlMySpa™ is a fully integrated service that connects you to your hot tub from any smart phone or tablet. Control the lights, temperature, set-up schedules and more. Receive instant push notification alerts when a potential problem occurs, so you and your dealer know about it, even while you’re away.

Water Purification System

Infinity Hot Tubs spa water filtration system is a unique design. It connects to multiple cleaning devices with all around piping. When the water is circulating, every corner of the spa gets sanitized. The starting point of this system is to move contaminants and debris from water. Thus, this technique enables the spa to serve people a better water running environment. By taking good care of your water, you are able to hold your water for more than 6 months.

Ozone Filtration

Ozone clarification has been used in the water purifying industry since 1906. It has worked for the spa and pool industry for more than 65 years. Therefore, as one of the most effective methods of disinfection, ozone has been playing a big role in this part for a long while.

PET Filtration

PET (Also known as polyester) is the common material that was introduced in the clothing industry in 1953. The character of polyester makes it easier to maintain and wash for re-use purpose. Thus, making it the perfect material for spa water purifying.

UV Filtration

Ultraviolet light has already played a significant role in many different fields world wide. One of them is in the pool and spa water purification program. By installing UV light, people can reduce chloramines by up to 80% in their spas depending on the frequency of operation.

Spa Features

Technology determines to make life better and easier, while life is beautiful and fun. Why can’t we have both? Here you go! The most advanced technology in the industry, the combination of fun and science. We display these to people to show them the beauty of spa, the beauty of a life style they can choose.


This lighting technology overturns the concept of spa entertainment. It breaks boring and humdrum, the design of three light zone gives people possibility to pick their own.

Status Pro™

Isn’t it so cool that you don’t have to come over to check your spa if it can show itself! Now, this technology can do! Placing your Status Pro™ side on where you wanna see.

LED Illumination™

Human beings are born with love for lighting and illumination. The light flames the dark for us, the beauty of brightness is something we always chasing for.

Jet Types

2.25″ Directional Jet

5″ Impulse Spinning Jet

2.25″ Impulse Spinning Jet

5″ Directional Jet

2.25″ Impulse Spinning Jet

5″ Directional Jet

Infinity Hot Tubs Green Planet Program

Green Technology

Infinity Hot Tubs is following on today’s heels of technology. We take advantage from it and react into our spas. By then, we give you the most operating cost-effective spa on your budget.

Ultimate Insulation Plan

All spas from Infinity Hot Tubs are featured with good insulation, which is designed to reduce heat loss. However, we do have a few more optional packs for selection, and these will keep heat inside even better.

Energy-Effective Heating

This program is an optional added plan designed to save your energy from electricity. Our specialized Heat Pump can save you 3 times more energy from you heater.

Green Piping Technology

Pipe work is a tricky game, most of the energy loss is from ineffective piping. The loss is invisible, but it’s actually increasing your operating costs every day in life. Therefore, over 3 years of development, we invented a better piping system ourselves, DNE™ is the name of the system, durability, neatness, efficiency, by having this system in, we are able to do a perfect matching and provide people a high performance spa with lower running costs.

High Density Foam Spa Cover

Every spa from Infinity Hot Tubs comes with a foamy insulated cover and child lock. It’s a known fact that hot air rises up, so cover is definitely needed here as prevention of heat loss. A high density foam cover makes a pefect protection for your spa, it seals heat inside from the spa while having build-in child lock as safety consideration! From 25 to 50kg bearing, UV resistant surface, the cover ables to offer you and your family years of service.