Customer Service is our highest priority and we look to help every customer as much as we can.

Our support page contains links to a lot of information regarding all parts of our service to yourselves. Any further questions please contact us on 01642 614574 or email us at .

Before You Buy

We have suggested a couple of things to consider before you purchase your hot tub. This information can be found here.

Site Preparation

Your site may need some preparation work before you can take delivery of your hot tub. Please read through our Site Preparation information to make sure you have done everything needed to take delivery of your hot tub. Our Site Preparation information can be found here.

Delivery & Installation

All of our delivery and installing information can be found here.

Refund Policy

You can find our Refund Policy here.

Hot Tub Maintenance

Maintaining your hot tub is crucial for keeping it running at its best without any issues. We have some information and guidelines on how you should maintain your hot tub here.

Water Care

There are a set of guidelines to follow with regards to water care for your swim spa. Following these guidelines will keep your swim spa running at its best. The guidelines can be found here.


We offer a two year warranty on all our products. You can find our full product liability policy here.